Our coaches believe that active participation in junior golf is the secret to enjoying this unique and absorbing sport for life! The beauty of coaching juniors is that most of them believe that golf is a simple game and we aim to make it enjoyable and sociable too. Making friends and having fun whilst learning the key skills is our aim for all our young golfers.

Whatever your golfing ability, our courses will challenge, improve and inspire you. Expect to work hard, play hard and have fun! Our experienced teachers and coaches are dedicated to helping you achieve your potential.

Our vision: to take the finest skills along with the best mental approach and etiquette from the most inspirational golfers in the world and help our young players to be the best they can be.

Our golf camps aim to be fun and enjoyable, as well as instructive. With the experience of our coaching team, the courses ensure that players will learn the correct and up-to-date technical aspects of the game. Our young golfers will have the opportunity to improve their full shot making, pitching, chipping, bunker play and putting. Individual feedback is given throughout the camp to ensure each player’s personal development.

Every course will finish with either a mini on course tournament or a series of competitive challenges, followed by an awards presentation.

Class Golf Coaching

Golf is an individual sport, but we believe that our golf camps encourage the broadening of friendships and social skills alongside developing golfing talent. The opportunity for juniors to play, learn and have fun together in a sociable, team environment is a vital part of them enjoying the game.

The courses will include organised competitive experiences both on the course and through practice drills, where winning and losing will assume a sensible perspective.

Golf involves many movement mechanics and hand-eye coordination which can develop transferable skills to help other sports. We also emphasise the importance of the mental side of golf which can aid concentration and awareness in other games.

The beauty of coaching juniors is that they arrive excited and confident with the belief that golf is a simple game. They can learn new skills quickly and most will copy and think in visual terms. We recognise that most junior’s attention spans are shorter than an adult’s and that they learn through feedback drills and being given the opportunity to hit a lot of shots!

We believe that junior golf played at any level can encourage honesty, courage, courtesy, fairness, empathy, responsibility, and perseverance. We encourage our juniors to appreciate that whilst playing for an award, prize, title or handicap can be great motivation, golf is one of the hardest sports to try and master. To enjoy the game and be successful it is more important to try your hardest on every shot and be having fun whilst learning.

Our coaches are either PGA or EGTF trained and have many years of experience playing professional, representative and club golf. They will endeavour to put the juniors into groups of similar ability when they will be shown regular, clear demonstrations that they will be able to copy. The children will be coached in the full swing, pitching, chipping, bunker play and putting. All this will be taught alongside an introduction to some of the rules and the etiquette of the game.

Most junior golfers learn best through visual demonstrations and “feeling” the swing or shot rather than listening to lengthy, verbal explanations. We pace our sessions appropriately to let the juniors get a “feel” for each technique before moving them on. Our coaches allow the juniors to practice a feeling without overloading them with too much technical jargon. This approach is balanced with the desire to move them onto a new skill or challenge in order to keep their experience fresh and exciting