Jonny Peate aged 12

I enjoy Class Hockey Camps because you learn new skills, have lots of fun and meet new people. The coaching is amazing, you are coached by England Hockey Legends and current England team players. They are all so brilliant, enthusiastic and helpful. When I started going to the camps aged 7 I can remember being taught how to do a flick by Sandie who is an Olympic bronze medallist – it was awesome.

The Residential Camp is one of my favourites, a lot of hockey practice in the day with drills and team games, the food is good, the dorms are cool and the games we play in the evenings are so much fun.  When I was ten we had to slice a cake to find a coin but it was a very floury cake so if the cake crumbled you would have to put your face in the cake to get the coin out, very funny.  lots of people covered in flour! I remember the cutting chocolate game in fancy dress and ski gloves with a blunt knife and fork. There’s swimming, the table tennis challenge and of course Nick’s fantastic singing on the bus!

I really love these camps and I think you should come it’s the best fun.