Katie Curtis aged 13

Sport Xcel now known as Class Hockey is a great hockey camp which I have been going to for several years. Each camp has improved my hockey on many levels, including helpful strength and conditioning. The reason I enjoy them are many – such as the fun competitions involved, like the penalty corner one I did on my previous camp. Though the courses may end in aching legs it is always enjoyable and full of fun. The tournament on the last day in my opinion is always the highlight of the camp. The winners receive a prize and there are also prizes for those who have tried their best and stood out throughout the camp. Among the fun is also the unbelievable coaching, consisting of current and previous England players, as well as  experienced Strength And Conditioning coaches. All the coaches are trying to improve your hockey as best they can. To help this they have started developing academy and elite groups which enables them to help our hockey. Having done the academy I find it great to be able to play with children of a similar ability. I always come on these courses because they are enjoyable and progress my hockey further every time.