Class Hockey Guidance in relation to COVID-19 – Long Road Sixth Form College (subject to change)

Last updated: 4th September 2020 at 12:36

Please find below our camp guidelines (in accordance with government and England Hockey guidance) with the expectation they are adhered to by all parents and players. If you have any further questions, please email:

If you or your child exhibits symptoms of COVID-19, please do not attend the session and follow government guidelines regarding self-isolation.



Upon arrival, please ensure you are parked away from other cars. If this is not possible, please wait until neighbouring cars have emptied and passengers are at a distance of greater than 2m away.

Players, when approaching the pitch, please allow a distance of 2m between you and other players/parents. Once cleared to enter the pitch, please sanitise your hands and go through the gate where you will be directed to place your belongings in a designated ‘bay’ at a distance from other players.




Social distancing should always be observed outside of practice/drills – please allow adequate space for coaches and other players to a 2m minimum radius.


The pitch will clearly be divided into sections and players are expected to remain in their designated area unless leaving the pitch for the toilet but we do strongly advise players use the facilities before the session starts to avoid any disruption. Players should remain in their section until they are cleared to return to their belongings for a drink/snack break.


Players will not touch anything other than their personal belongings. Balls will only be touched by sticks. Coaches will have their own cones that they alone are permitted to handle and only coaches should move the goals. All equipment will be disinfected at the end of every session or left for 72 hours to further reduce the risk of contamination.

Coach:player ratio

As per current government and hockey association guidelines, there may be no more than 30 participants to each coach. Class Hockey will operate no more than six participants to each coach but this may increase in certain circumstances. I.e. match play or drills requiring more players.


Toilet facilities

The single toilet will be accessible throughout the session. Hand soap is available inside the toilet.

Please practice good hygiene and wash hands immediately if using the toilet and use the hand sanitiser at the gate of the pitch before entering. Should the toilet be engaged, please wait patiently outside allowing a distance of more than 2m from the exit and all others queueing.


Indoor access

There will be toilet access only. No changing facilities will be accessible so please arrive in your kit ready to play.


First aid

In the event of first aid incidents Class Hockey will provide a first aider in full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)



Please collect belongings and leave the pitch swiftly. The gate will be opened by one of the coaching staff and hand sanitiser will be available. All players and parents are encouraged to thoroughly wash their hands at the earliest opportunity.

Please leave the site in a prompt manner (whilst adhering to on site vehicle speed limits) with all your party and without congregating with other players or families, however tempting this may be.