Hockey Camps

Here at Class Hockey we are passionate about shaping the whole person, physically, mentally and emotionally. Hockey is our medium but we believe that it should extend beyond the game and into life itself. So many of its core skills are life skills too. From our Year 1 Multisport approach through to our Elite training, we offer hockey coaching and development for all abilities.

Our goal in coaching is to lay the foundations for future big wins and to celebrate the little wins along the way. Every time a player takes to the turf they need to feel as though they are improving and learning to enjoy the journey. It is developing resilience in health and strength and social connection that ultimately makes them better players and people.

The coaching and support team are carefully selected to ensure they have the knowledge and expertise to support you. They have all been there and worn the shirt.

A tournament/matchplay and our usual prize giving ceremony will complete all of our camps. The awards extend beyond just hockey skills and cover all the bases that we value as life skills: effort, enthusiasm, teamwork, resilience, attitude, thoughtfulness, contribution off the pitch and teachability.


From an early age, it is vitally important that we teach and encourage our players to strengthen and use their bodies as fully as possible as they grow. With this in mind, we include a MULTI-SPORTS element to our camps. The players enjoy a variety of ball based activities alongside their hockey; variety is the spice of life at this age.

Fun and enjoyment are a central thread running through all that we do: Competitive drills; skills competitions, and team challenges keep the children engaged throughout and each is laced with Class joie de vivre!

The combination of small group sizes and our experienced team of coaches ensure a fantastic week of sport and exercise (and guarantee that they return home happily exhausted).


Here we will create an environment where you are stretched but at the same time relaxed, giving you the confidence to work out of your comfort zone. This is precisely where you grow as a player.

Quality and attention to detail in all that we do is vital, ensuring your skill levels improve and that you leave every session a more complete player. We will always encourage you to ‘express yourself’ when on the pitch. Whether you are quiet and determined; loud and assertive; cool and collected; wired and wonderful; Nick or Jo, we want to help you embrace who you are and make you the best you can be.


The Academy Camps are by invitation only. In most cases we will have seen you play and feel that you will be more than comfortable with the step up in both physical and mental expectation. These courses are for players who already show sound technique, good game awareness and have the potential to play representative hockey.

You will be expected to work hard, be hungry to learn more complex, technical skills and have a desire to improve your physical and mental capabilities (game resilience).

If you are serious about taking your hockey to its highest level, this is the camp for you.


Our Elite Camps are by invitation only. The demanding schedule, both physically and mentally, will test any player.

Attention to detail is a fundamental part of our coaching philosophy at Class Hockey. We thrive by challenging each other on and off the pitch and we will treat you just the same. This is a collaboration not a one-way conversation. There are fine lines between playing International sport and not, and also having the ability to play to your potential at the highest level. Balancing work, family, friends and the pressures of selection are some of the challenges you will realistically have to learn to manage.

We are committed to helping you flourish and we want to find out what makes you tick: tell you what you do well and make sure we strengthen the things you don’t. Everyone is different - that’s what makes team sport so fascinating.