Dan’s passion for the game reaches back to the 1988 Olympics and the inspiration he felt following the GB men’s journey to their gold medal.

Ian Taylor was the goalkeeper then and it was, in part, his brilliance that led Dan to kit up and pursue a position that most of us run a mile from. Good keepers are gold - if you’ve ever played with one you’ll know.

Dan represented the East at U16 and 18 level and the South at U21.
Subsequently he played for 11 different clubs including National League giants Indian Gymkhana, Bromley and Eastcote. He also represented GB Police (more about that later).

His coaching career kicked off in 2012 (excuse the pun!).
He tells us: “I now coach at Hertford, OMT HC and am Goalkeeper coordinator at St Albans HC where I am also the ladies 1st Assistant Coach. I work for Fortitude Hockey, and am the Goalkeeper coach at EH Performance Centre Northwood.”
(It’s fair to say he knows his stuff!).

As a goalkeeper he has always been battling against goal-scoring insurgents and these days he puts his tactical nous to work in his role in Counter Terrorism for the Met’ Police (he is a defender through and through).

We’re delighted to welcome Dan onboard and know that you will massively appreciate his input. He is a wonderful human being who believes in making training fun too.