Zara Rose

Zara Rose is the perfect name for one who ‘rose’ so rapidly in her playing career.

Selected for the England U16 squad at just 13 years of age, she went on to play in every Six Nations tournament for the next 5 years and was part of the England U21 squad when she was 17!

She has been accompanied on her journey over the past three years by the legendary goalkeeper John Hurst.

I often wonder what drives goalies to do what they do and here Zara provides the perfect answer:

“I love goal keeping because of the pure mental intensity of the decision making and inescapable pressure associated - in other words, I am an adrenaline seeker. Goalkeeping teaches an open yet unbreakable mindset, that can make you believe anything is possible if your mind is set on a task (like saving a ball!).”
Isn’t this brilliant?!

Off the pitch she is studying Anthropology and Politics at Birmingham Uni and loves good conversation. She describes herself as ‘dramatic and extrovert’ by nature, both ideal qualities for the strong presence needed in goal. She demands high standards of herself (and those she works with) yet off the pitch she loves to socialise and daydream (especially in the university library!) and specialises in helping others achieve their dreams.

Zara admits that her time on camps with Class Hockey and her playing career and studies have all been instrumental in her transition into the ‘adult world.’

We are absolutely delighted to have her onboard as part of our coaching team and are confident that you will be hugely inspired by her drive and enthusiasm.